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Level-Up is the first vertical fund dedicated to the studios leading the $30 40 billion economy of mobile gaming. Our scope extends to 30 studios in Europe and Asia. We provide financing in capital from seed to late-stage, securing several game launches on mobile.

More than money, we bring long-term support and intelligence to independent studios. We are experts in creative businesses. We understand production risk and we help leveraging success and developing great companies of any size.

We gather and nurture best practices to the benefit of our founders. As a community, we can promote solutions to studios that no other investor could create for a single portfolio company, while respecting total independence in operations and strategy.

Level-Up is building a unique set of first-class studios that will create lasting success for the benefit of both founders and investors.

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Guillaume LAUTOUR

Guillaume LAUTOUR

Guillaume is a seasoned venture capitalist with a passion for product innovation and creative media and an outstanding track record in technology and media, specifically in mobile gaming.

Thibaud MORIN

Thibaud MORIN

Thibaud Morin is a financial and digital media and entertainment transformation expert with 15 years of experience in crafting TV, music and video games strategies, as well as M&A and corporate development for Vivendi Group.

We teamed up to embrace mobile gaming opportunities through an industrial fund that:

  • is the ideal partner for independent studios and,
  • offers our investors both solid financial returns and unique intelligence into a fragmented industry.

We have worked together for 20 years and share a passion for gaming, entrepreneurship and digital media. We have strong complementarities: we both spent the last 15 years in Technology and Media, Guillaume as a Venture Capitalist and Thibaud in a major Media group. Our experience provides us with remarkable insight on how to finance creative industries. This enables Level-up to select the best teams, help them manage production risk, scale up when they meet success and expand their organization, in order to create the best value for our Investors.

Guillaume: "As a VC, over the years I have oriented my investments from pure technology to creative media, pioneering video streaming, music streaming, non-linear TV and mobile gaming, supporting entrepreneurs who share a specific talent for content and creativity. With Thibaud, who brings the expertise of large media corporates, we designed Level-Up as an innovative platform too. It is tailored to provide the most founder friendly possible environment because great creators have always needed a permission to fail at first. Our distinctive culture attracts top talents and allows for exceptional returns for every party with many more benefits than a standard VC model".

Thibaud: “The mobile gaming market, which continues to show steady growth, has reached $40bn in only 8 years. As with all media in their early years, the market remains very fragmented and consolidation is inevitable. To drive this next phase, Level-Up aims to select the best entrepreneurs early on and nurture them into a format and culture that can scale for worldwide impact; this is where our dual DNA brings key complementarities. Level-Up secures the independence of studios while offering the benefits of a strong founders’ community with privileged access to large media companies.”

More about Guillaume

Guillaume (48) began his career in M&A and project management, working for 5 years in France, China and the USA.

Guillaume subsequently spent 15 years as a Partner with Idinvest Partners, where he led the funding of more than 35 European and American startups. Along with investments in technology (Telecoms, AdTech & Digital Media), Guillaume gradually adapted his investment model to the specifics of creative industries, funding 7 mobile gaming studios in Europe.

His investments have helped drive more than $5 billion in corporate value and include companies such as Deezer, Dailymotion, Criteo and the video games studios Pretty Simple and Social Point.


More about Thibaud

Thibaud (45) started his career in Growth Capital prior to becoming Equity Analyst covering the internet industry in the late 90s.

Thibaud then spent 15 years at Vivendi. He first joined Vivendi’s internet division before covering the group’s media assets. Thibaud was SVP of M&A Media, Strategy and, more recently, Innovation.

With a robust financial background, and in-depth knowledge of media industries, Thibaud built his expertise of digital media and entertainment transformation (video games, sports, TV/SVOD and music) by driving a significant portion of Vivendi’s digital initiatives. Thibaud was instrumental in enhancing Vivendi’s entrepreneurial culture through the selection, support and growth of early stage start-ups.


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