Welcome to Level-Up's pitch submission page.

Before you get started, here are a few tips to fill in our questionnaire:

  • Even if you already sent us documents, we thank you for re-submitting everything as this is the starting point of our internal process.
  • “Prior financing and shareholding structure” please indicate amount raised in a chronology as well current shareholding
  • The "How we met" (for this project: where ,when, who did the introduction) and "short bio" (companies you've been involved with, if we met on other projects) fields are important as one of our challenges is the quantity of founders we meet. We may use this information not only to identify you now but also for the future... nevertheless, keep it short.
  • Videos links to demos and apps are useful, but are much helpful when organized: please just indicate a short title prior to the URL.
  • Please do not forget international code prefix for phone numbers.

All of your information is for our internal use: data will be kept confidential by Level-Up.
As this submission page link is exclusively for pre-qualified teams, please do not pass it on. We can only treat pre-qualified teams/ projects in our deal flow funnel. We highly appreciate referrals but please do so via e-mail, we do answer!

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