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Level-Up is a fund dedicated to the studios leading the $50 billion economy of mobile gaming. Our scope extends to 20 studios in Europe and Asia. We provide financing in capital from seed to late-stage, securing several game launches on mobile.

More than money, we bring long-term support and intelligence to independent studios. We are experts in creative businesses. We understand production risk and we help leveraging success and developing great companies of any size.

We gather and nurture best practices to the benefit of our founders. As a community, we can promote solutions to studios that no other investor could create for a single portfolio company, while respecting total independence in operations and strategy.

Level-Up is building a unique set of first-class studios that create long-lasting franchises for the benefit of both founders and investors.

Investment Team

Guillaume LAUTOUR

Guillaume LAUTOUR

Guillaume is a seasoned VC investor who specialized in media and gaming. He was a partner of Idinvest Partners for 15 years, leading investments in more than 35 companies in Europe and the US that generated more than $5 billion in corporate value. Guillaume has invested in mobile game studios for the last 10 years and co-founded Level-Up with Thibaud Morin.

Thibaud MORIN

Thibaud MORIN

Before co-founding Level-Up with Guillaume, Thibaud Morin was a key executive at Vivendi for 15 years, successively SVP Strategy and M&A for the media investments of the group (Activision Blizzard, Universal Music, Canal+, etc.). Thibaud also led the Innovation and Digital Transformation of Vivendi and personally invested in many studios for years.

Guillaume LAUTOUR


Erik is a Venture Partner at Level-Up. He is the CEO of Smirk Game Studios, based in Prague and a private investor in several other studios. Previously Erik was the head of Disney Mobile in Europe, he also led 2K in Czech Republic, Epic Games in Poland and was the Founder CEO of Funcom, the first game studio in Norway.

Thibaud MORIN

Mickael BOUGIS

Mickael is a Venture Partner at Level-Up. He is also VP Marketing at Flaregames based in Karlsruhe. Mickael worked for Microsoft Studios heading publishing for Europe and previously at EA in charge of third-party developments and Harmonix.


Studios we funded before Level-Up

Acquired by Stillfront
gns games
Acquired by GSN Games
eden games
Acquired by Take-Two Interactive
pretty simple games
Acquired by Millenial ESports
grand cru games
pretty simple game

Acquired by Twitch

Level-Up portfolio companies

sport faction
glorious games
awesome prototype
neopolis games
donut games

Venture Advisors

Guillaume LAUTOUR

Stéphane Oury

Stéphane is VP Strategy and Investments at Capgemini. Previously, as Head of the Technology Group at CITI for 7 years, Stéphane led numerous transactions in gaming involving studios such as Zynga, EA, Gree, Sega, Codemasters, DeNA, Sony, Disney, Ubisoft, Take-Two. Stéphane is also a private investor and sits on the boards of several gaming studios in France and in the UK.

Guillaume LAUTOUR

Paul Bragiel

Paul Bragiel is an Internet entrepreneur, an Olympic cross-country skier and a professional seed investor. He is involved with GameFounders, an incubator for gaming studios in Central Europe, Sisu Ventures, an ultra-seed fund dedicated to gaming studios in Finland and Presence Capital, an ultra-seed fund targeting Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Guillaume LAUTOUR

Mathias Gredal Nørvig

Mathias is General Manager of the independent studio SYBO Games, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. SYBO Games is best known for creating Subway Surfers, which has been the third most downloaded game since 2012 with 1,2 billion players. To this date, it is regularly ranked as one of the 10 best games of all time on mobile.

Finance Team - AIFM

Guillaume LAUTOUR

Nathalie Vazquez

Nathalie is in charge of Finance at Level-Up and an independent member of the Management Board in Luxembourg. Nathalie is also Senior Relationship Manager at W Conseil, leading a team that performs the role of a Central Agent for 40 companies. Prior to joining W Conseil, Nathalie worked for 8 years at Intertrust in Luxembourg.

Guillaume LAUTOUR

Philippe Toussaint

Philippe is in charge of monitoring legal operations. He is also an independent member of the Management Board and the Valuation Committee of Level-Up. Previously to Level-Up, Philippe successively worked for KPMG (Financial engineering), Fortis and Intertrust where he was a Director and a board member.

Guillaume LAUTOUR

Ludivine Nicolai

Ludivine is Director Risk Management at Crestbridge and leads risk management at Level-Up in Luxembourg. She sits at several professional organizations for corporate governance and risk management. Before Crestbridge, Ludivine was risk manager at MDO Services for 7 years.

Guillaume LAUTOUR

Christopher Bennett

Christopher is a Director at Crestbridge in Luxembourg and leads operations in Real Estate. He is also in charge of Portfolio Management of Alternative Investment Funds and of Level-Up in particular. In addition, Christopher is a member of the Investment Committee of Level-Up. Previously Christopher was involved with three private equity funds.

Guillaume LAUTOUR

Daniela Klàsen-Martin

Daniela is Group Head of Management Company Services at Crestbridge in Luxembourg. Daniela is a member of our investment committee and responsible for Portfolio Management of Level-Up, along with Christopher Bennett. Daniela is also an acting member of several professional bodies involved in risk management and fund governance.

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